The Architectural Design Company AVANGARD relies on companies, which are renowned in their area of activity and on experts, members of the Chamber of the Engineers with Complete Design Authorization, as subcontractors:

For the Building construction part

Design Company RESPECT 93 Ltd., Stara Zagora
Eng. Emil Enev
Eng. Lachezar Tashev
Eng. Mina Popov
Eng. Tsvetan Cholakov

For the sewerage and water mains

Design Company Manchev Proekt Ltd., Stara Zagora;
Eng. Karadonev
Eng. Maria Karaivanova

For the Heating, Ventilation and Climatization (HVC) part

Eco Energy Systems – G Ltd., Plovdiv, with managing Director eng. Kolio Gerginski
Eng. Mincho Minchev – president of TERMA – Mincho Minchev Company, Stara Zagora
Eng. Slavi Kalichkov
Eng. Vasil Filipov, president of FAN – Filipov Company, Stara Zagora

For the Electricity part

Eng. Petar Bogdanov – president of ELPLAN – Petar Bogdanov Design Company, Stara Zagora
Eng. Desislava Taneva – president of ELSI – D. Taneva Design Company, Stara Zagora

For the Vertical planning (geodetic surveying) part

Eng. Rumen Georgiev, president of GLOBAL GEO –Rumen Georgiev company, Stara
Eng. Tihomir Kalchev
Eng. Todor Nikolov, president of DEGO – Todor Nikolov Company, Stara Zagora